It's OK to Believe in Both Creation and Evolution

D. R. Cruise

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This book has now been published. It has been printed under the author's real name, D. R. Cruise, instead of a pseudonym. As requested by the publisher some chapters have been replaced by synopses. Use the free link above, or to read the complete text, please order the book. [more info]

PREFACE: A debate has raged since 1859 pitting the notions of evolution against the notions of creation. Contributing much of the heat, but none of the light, are two dogmatic absurdities: (1) Evolution disproves creation; and (2) creation disproves evolution.

Although these absurdities once divided people into two mutually exclusive groups, it is no longer the case. There is an ever growing number of people who believe in both creation and evolution. Furthermore, many who hold one notion, but not the other, have become secure enough in their beliefs that they do not participate in the strife.

Staunch advocates remain on each side who do not like the way the middle ground has opened. Nevertheless, if the trend continues, the perception of a conflict between creation and evolution may someday disappear. We should hasten that day by abolishing the absurdities. The thesis of the book is:

Evolution does not disprove Creation; Creation does not disprove Evolution.

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